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lowering adj : darkened by clouds; "a heavy sky" [syn: heavy, sullen, threatening]


1 the act of causing to become less
2 the act of causing something to move to a lower level [syn: letting down]

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  1. present participle of lower


  1. That lowers or frowns.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Acheronian, Acherontic, Cimmerian, Stygian, abatement, about to be, abridgment, abusive, alleviation, already in sight, apocalyptic, approaching, at hand, attenuation, bad, baleful, baneful, beetle, beetle-browed, beetling, black, black-browed, bludgeoning, blustering, bodeful, boding, break, brewing, browbeating, bulldozing, bullying, cadence, catenary, cheapening, close, close at hand, clouded, cloudy, coming, comminatory, concavity, contraction, cut, dampening, damping, dark, dark and gloomy, de-escalation, debasement, decline, decrease, decrement, decrescence, decurrence, deduction, deepening, deflation, degradation, dejected, demotion, denunciatory, depreciation, depression, descent, detrusion, devaluation, digging, diminishment, diminution, dire, dive, doomful, dour, dreary, drilling, droop, ducking, dull, dumpish, dying, dying off, evil, evil-starred, excavation, extenuation, fade-out, fateful, fear-inspiring, foreboding, forthcoming, frowning, funereal, future, gathering, gloom, gloomful, gloominess, glooming, gloomy, glowering, glum, going to happen, grim, grum, hauling down, heavy, hectoring, hollowness, ill, ill-boding, ill-fated, ill-lighted, ill-lit, ill-omened, ill-starred, immediate, imminent, impendent, impending, in danger imminent, in prospect, in reserve, in store, in the cards, in the offing, in the wind, in view, inauspicious, incumbent, instant, intimidating, jutting, languishment, lapse, lessening, letup, looming, lower, lurking, markdown, melancholy, menacing, minacious, minatory, miniaturization, mining, mitigation, moodish, moody, mopey, moping, mopish, morose, mumpish, near, near at hand, nearing, nose dive, nubilous, of evil portent, ominous, on the horizon, overcast, overclouded, overhanging, overhung, pending, plummet, plummeting, plunge, portending, portentous, preparing, price cut, price fall, price reduction, probing, projecting, reduction, relaxation, sag, sagging, scaling down, scowling, simplicity, sinister, sinkage, sinking, slash, slump, somber, somberness, sombrous, sombrousness, stormy, submergence, subsidence, subtraction, sulky, sullen, superincumbent, surly, swag, terroristic, terrorizing, that will be, threatening, threatful, thrusting under, to come, tunneling, unfavorable, unfortunate, unlucky, unpromising, unpropitious, untoward, upcoming, waiting, weakening
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